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8 Beyond Obvious Consequences Of Ponding Water On Your Flat Roof

Key Takeaways:

  1. Ponding water on your flat roof can lead to several problems, including leaks, mold, and rot.
  2. You can prevent ponding water by installing a drainage system and ensuring your roof is pitched correctly.
  3. Inspect your house’s roof regularly for any signs of a leaky roof, and take action immediately if you see any.
  4. If you’re not comfortable inspecting or cleaning your roof, it’s best to hire a professional.

If you have a flat roof, you must know the consequences of ponding water. Ponding water can cause many problems, including roof leaks, structural damage, and mold growth. In this blog post, Omega Contracting LLC will discuss the consequences of ponding water & leaky roofs; we’ll offer advice on how to prevent it. We’ll also provide information on how to deal with existing problems caused by ponding water. Flat roofs can be tricky, but with the proper knowledge, you can keep your roof in livable condition for years to come!

Flat Roofs & Ponding Water: A Deadly Combo

Did you know that the average roof repair in the United States costs $985, and most homeowners spend between $376 and $1,649. Ponding water is one of the biggest enemies of flat roofs. Ponding water occurs when water pools on the roof and doesn’t drain properly. This can happen for several reasons, including clogged drains, improper drainage, and heavy rains. When ponding water occurs, it puts your roof at risk for many serious problems.

Flat Roofs & Ponding Water: A Deadly Combo

Consequences of Ponding Water

1. Roof Leakage:

First and foremost, ponding water can cause what we call a leaky roof. The weight of the water can cause the roof to sag, creating cracks and holes that allow water to seep into your home. In addition to causing harm to your home’s interior, leaks can also lead to mold growth. Mold thrives in damp, dark environments – so if you have a leak in your roof, it’s momentous to have it fixed as soon as possible to prevent mold from taking hold.

2. Damage to the Roofing Material:

Ponding water can also damage the actual roofing material. Water sitting on the roof can cause the material to deteriorate and break down, eventually leading to holes and cracks. This damage is typically most severe around drains and gutters, so keep an eye on these areas if you suspect ponding water is an issue.

3. Structural Damage:

Ponding water can also cause structural damage to your home. The water’s weight can stress the framing of your home, which can eventually lead to sagging or even collapse. In addition, if the water seeps into the walls of your home, it can cause the drywall to become saturated, and it will start to sag, creating an unsightly look and potentially causing serious safety issues.

4. Mold And Mildew Growth:

Ponding water is also a significant breeding ground for mold and mildew. As the water sits on the surface of your roof, it creates a humid atmosphere that is immaculate for mold and mildew to thrive in. Not only does this create an unsightly appearance, but it can also lead to serious health problems for you and your family. Inhaling mold spores can yield a host of respiratory problems, including asthma, bronchitis, and even lung infections.

5. Reduced Lifespan of Your Roof:

Ponding water & a leaky roof can also shorten the lifespan of your roof. As the water sits on the surface of your roof, it breaks down the materials and causes them to deteriorate more quickly. In addition, as the water seeps into the structure of your roof, it can cause rot and other damage that will eventually lead to leaks.

6. Higher Energy Bills:

Ponding water can also lead to higher energy bills. As the water seeps into your home, it can cause drafts that will make your heating and cooling system work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. In addition, the water can damage your insulation, making it less effective at keeping your home warm in the winter & cozy cool in the summer.

7. Health Risks:

Ponding water can also pose a health risk to you and your family. The standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests carrying diseases. In addition, the damp conditions created by ponding water can also lead to mold growth, which can cause respiratory problems in some people.

8. Homeowners Insurance:

Lastly, ponding water can also affect your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Some insurance companies will not cover damage caused by ponding water, so it’s essential to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered.

If you have ponding water on your flat roof, it’s important to take action to fix the problem. Ignoring the problem will only worsen & could eventually lead to severe damage to your home. Prevention is always the best medicine, so if you’re looking to avoid ponding water on your flat or leaky roof, there are a few smart things you can do.

Prevention Tips for Ponding Water

  1. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris: This is one of the most important things you can do to prevent ponding water. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, the water will have nowhere to go but onto your roof.
  2. Check for leaks: Leaks are the most common cause of ponding water. It is important to get a leaky roof fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure your roof slopes towards the drains: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to ensure your roof slopes towards the gutters. This will allow the water to flow off the roof more efficiently and help prevent ponding water.
  4. Install a membrane: A membrane can help waterproof your roof and prevent ponding water.
  5. Regularly clean your gutters and downspouts: This will help ensure that the water has somewhere to go when it rains or when the snow melts.
  6. Inspect your roof regularly: It’s important to inspect it regularly for potential problems. If you see any signs of ponding water, be sure to take action right away.
  7. Hire a professional: If you’re not comfortable inspecting or cleaning your roof, it’s best to hire a professional. They can help you identify potential problems and take care of them before they become serious.

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