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Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement: Which Does My Roof Need?

When it comes to improving your home, we get that there can be a lot. From minor fixes to complete, brand new improvements, making sure your home stays in top shape can be expensive. That includes getting a roof repair or replacement.

Many people tend to overlook their roofs which can be damaged due to years of sun exposer and tough weather conditions. Typically, your asphalt roofs last about 20 years or so, depending on a lot of factors.

If you know you haven’t been paying close attention to your roof, you’ll want to contact a professional roof inspector to look at every part of your roof. Missing shingles, holes, rot, water damage, mold, and even clogged gutters. Most companies, including Omega Contracting, offer free inspections that don’t waste your money if there is no damage!

Inspections don’t take too long to complete! Of course, it depends on the side of your home, however, these inspections can be over in about an hour.

You should be getting your roof inspected about each year to ensure that your roof is in the best condition possible and doesn’t have any damage. The best time to inspect, repair, or even replace your roof would be the dry seasons to avoid water damage.

Once the inspection is over, your roofing contractor will provide a checklist along with their recommendation for your roof. So, do you need to repair your roof or completely replace it?

Can I Just Repair Instead of Replacing?

Of course you can! However, before you go off and ask for a repair, you should decide depending on the problem. Getting a roof repair means that you want to fix a smaller issue in your roof. However, if you have a much more serious problem, a replacement is a much better choice.

You would think that a small hole in your roof could mean you just need to replace it and that’s it. What if that hole has been there for years? That can bring on much more problems than just a small hole in the roof. Debris, water, and much more could have gone into the roof structure through that hole.

A Few Things To Know About Restoration

Before deciding on whether you should try to repair your roof or replace it, consider these benefits when it comes to restoring your already existing roof.

Roof restoration is more environmentally friendly.
Roof restoration uses existing roof instead of completely replacing it with new materials as a complete roof replacement would.

Restoring your roof extend your roof’s life.
During a roof repair, roof coatings are added to protect against rain, snow, hail, and adds about 10 more years to your roof!

Compared to a replacement, a repair is less disruptive and takes much less time.
Compared to a replacement, a repair is much quieter, less obtrusive process and is also much cleaner.

You can avoid substantial loss with a roof repair.
Getting your roof repaired sooner than later can help you save what you already have.

Then When Should I Replace My Roof?

While repairing is mostly used as a way to restore your roof back to how it was before any damages occurred, replacing your roof should be used when repairing won’t solve the issue so that the roof doesn’t collapse or get water damage.

Typically, when your roof is over 20 years old, you should look for a replacement. Over time, your roof can show some bald spots, shingles can curl, crack, and get dark streaks. All of these factors usually indicate that you should look into a roof replacement.

Roof Repair or Replacement?

In conclusion, roof repairs are usually done for small fixes such as missing shingles, cracked shingles, mold, or small holes.
A roof replacement should be done for when there is no other option to help your roof or if your roof is just too old to be considered safe and healthy.

These options are all available to you and some can even be covered be insurance. If you still have questions, you should talk to your roofing contractor in depth about the differences and what you should do for your roof.

Hire a Professional Contractor With Experience

When you decide that you want to repair or replace your roof, contact a roofing contractor. Attempting to solve these problems at your home alone isn’t an option as there are several serious hazards on your roof. It takes the experience and skill of a roof contractor to be able to understand what your roof needs and how to provide the proper solutions to those needs.

At Omega Contracting LLC, we are experts when it comes to roofing projects. We have worked within our local communities for over a decade providing customers with amazing quality due to our experience in roof repairs and replacements.

We offer free, no obligation inspections because we know how important your roof is to you, and to your family.
Call us today to set up a FREE inspection today so we can inform you about your roof’s condition