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    • Does your home qualify for solar?
    • How many solar panels do you need for your residence?
    • What is the ideal solar panel system size needed to offset your electric bill?
    • How much will the solar installation cost?
    • How can you finance your residential solar project?

    Get answers to all these questions and more with a comprehensive solar proposal from Omega Contracting LLC. Our in-house solar experts make switching to solar easy with a custom solution tailored specifically for your home.

    A Solar Panel Installation is a One-Time Investment with Multiple, Long-Lasting Benefits


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    From residential solar system design, procurement, installation, and maintenance - we do it all!


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    You pay nothing upfront. We have convenient options to fit every budget.


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    We are helping homeowners in Virginia become more energy independent, one solar panel at a time!

    Government Tax Credits, Net Energy Metering, & Other Incentives You Should Know About

    With the falling costs of solar panels and the very attractive incentives, there has never been a better time in Virginia to go solar.

    Enjoy 26% off your solar panel installation with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. This tax credit is valid for installations made before December 31, 2022. It is set to decrease to 22% in 2023 and will be eliminated for residential installations after December 31, 2023. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and install solar panels at your home today.

    Virginia net energy metering (NEM) policies allow you to receive bill credits from your utility company for the excess electricity your solar panels generate. You can use these net metering credits to offset energy charges when your system isn’t generating enough power to meet your needs.

    Currently, there are no state solar rebates available in Virginia. However, some manufacturers offer solar rebates for a limited time. Be sure to ask our solar installer about the latest offers to make your purchase more affordable.

    Afraid You Can’t Afford a Solar Panel Installation?

    Get Solar Financing Today!

    At Omega Contracting LLC, we understand it’s difficult and often expensive for most homeowners to afford solar installation. We offer our clients multiple financing options with little to no money down. You can receive solar financing through a loan, cash purchase, or tax credits. This includes:

    • A quick and easy approval process
    • Minimal documentation required
    • Attractive rates and terms
    • Flexible payment options

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